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e level strategy of Cableamp
Wireless Communication company

ive to mention that critical analysis of CWC will be majorly based on the annual reports and financial statement of the company due to lack of sufficient, updated and reliable alternative sources of information on the internet.
According to CWC (2015b) Cable and Wireless Communications (CWC) is a British company founded in 1866 under the name Cable and Wireless Cable plc. In 2010, Cable and Wireless Plc demerged into the Cable and Wireless Communications and Cable and Wireless Worldwide Plc. The company operates as a Telecommunication Company offering mobile, broadband and fixed-line services in the Caribbean and Latin American States. The company has been identified as a mobile services market leader in 10 out of 15 countries, broadband leader in 14 out of the 15 states and the largest market shareholder of fixed line in all the 14 countries that it operates in (CWC, 2011a). CWC provides mobile and mobile data services to 3.7 million customers across its network. The company also has a broadband customer base of 388,000 and a reach of 1.1 million fixed line communications users. Cumulatively, CWC operates in 17 countries and offers the following services. voice services, broadband, texts and mobile internet (The Guardian, 2014). The company’s impressive financial performance has further been underlined by its 2014/13 financial gains compared to the results of 2013/12. The operating cost of CWC was US $ 763m, representing a 5 % decrease compared to 806m for the year 2013/12 (CWC, 2014e). The company further adjusted its shareholders earnings per share to reflect the growth and performance of the company. The earnings per share increased by 73 % compared to 2013/12 earnings. However, the company reported operating cash flow of US $ of 302m for the financial year 2014/13, a decrease of 5 %. The revenue generated by CWC products and services for the period 2014/13 was US $ 1.873 billion (CWC, 2014e). The company impressively managed to surpass its budgeted targets