Interview Skills

He quoted several challenges he has come across. These were like the fluctuating number of visitors, the low income due to competition with other national parks and the way to manage the staff and his subordinates. He elaborated on how difficult it has been to manage people, whose goals are different, putting their diverse ideas together and making them move towards a particular goal.
Been the manager of the park, Luther displayed to me his extensive budget. Severally, he kept confirming one or two points from his records. His department had budgeted for $ 250,000 from the government allocation. In his budget, he has a list of objectives and activities to work on. These included an extension of the park services to add more activities like bird watching and camping. His list of expenses also included the motivation of workers through salary and wage increment, advertising the park to attract more visitors and the introduction of modern technology in their services like online booking. I learned from the way he emphasized, that these were among the long set goals and objectives of the park included in the mission but were never achieved due to poor management and lack of government support. Before we parted, I could read from his expressions, the zeal of Luther in the application of his leadership qualities and skills in making the park one of the major attraction sites in the US (Petersen 1996).