Interpersonal Conflict in Film


Responding to Interpersonal Conflicts Full Rick Cabot, the district attorney and his wife, Jean in the movie Crash directed byPaul Haggis, were carjacked at gunpoint by two black teenagers and the interpersonal conflict begins that would not only involve the couple but the people who represented the carjackers in Jean’s mind. The locksmith who changed their house’s lock was a Bald Hispanic who had tattoos and was perceived by Jean as an ex-convict saying he was a gang member with the prison tattoos who would go and give the keys to his gang members, that is why she wanted the locks changed again in the morning. It is understandable that the couple has been through a traumatic experience beforehand and that it is natural that they would be fearful but not in such a reaction. The wife started verbally expressing her stereotyped impressions of colored people and brings her to suspect even her own housekeeper. Because of the fear that Jean created in her mind about other races, she started blaming herself and venting her anger on other people and her husband. She let her steam off in the presence of other people and demanded her husband to consider more seriously the danger that they are in. The husband was wise enough to be calm in contrast to her wife however he also showed some irritation towards his wife’s attitude. Though he suggested that her wife would better go to bed, it would have been empathizing for him to have seen her to their room with assuring words that not all colored people as not all white Americans are as good as they are.