International law or some particular interpretation of international law is sometimes found actually to hinder measures to maintain international order Discuss with reference to drone strikes

International society aimed at reflecting cooperation among its member states. As a result, international law rose as a unique and recognized entity with rules, which rose as result of modern cooperation of modern independent governments or state. The international law and rules intended at calling for discipline and a common philosophy among its member states in order to foster world peace and harmony (35).2 The document explains how international law hinders measures to maintain international order.
Bull3 regards international law as “a body of rules which binds states and other agents in world politics in their relations with one another and considered to have the status of law’. Bull (2002) further defines international law as to be body of rules which are of a specific nature. This means that there are specified rules which independent governments and other international bodies to the international society and politics regard to bind them without any doubt. Despite the enormous part played by the international law to foster security, concerns have been raised about some of its principles in maintaining international order.
The binding of different states by the international law brings about the concept of international society. Bull4 argues that one of the major roles of international law is to act as a powerful and strong normative principle of political states and governments with the idea of protecting sovereignty of individual member states. But this has not been always the case. Developed countries and countries with more advanced military equipment have not upheld this principle of respecting another nations’ sovereignty in order to protect and uphold international order. United State for instance has been intruding sovereignty of a number of independent political states such as Afghanistan and Pakistan by carrying out drone attacks within the sovereign regions.
Bull5 demonstrated a clash