Industrial/Organizational Psychology Worksheet

Industrial/Organizational Psychology Worksheet Industrial/Organizational Psychology Worksheet Question Industrial/Organizational (I/O) Psychology should be termed a science since the field involves research that is produced by scientific data. Aamodt (2015) indicates that I/O majors on scientific forms of research. thus, making the field a scientific one. It is also vital to note that persons that specialize in the I/O field are ones that have the capacity to work in both the Industrial and Organizational fields though the setting may be different. Yet another factor that makes the I/O field a scientific one is the fact that the persons hired to do work that touches on I/O are professionals that are well versed with the field (Aamodt, 2015). This is because the field is practical and is applied in important firms such as government related ones, the private sector firms and even in firms that offer consultation services. It is also justified to term I/O a science since the field mostly focuses on conducting research by psychologists. As seen in the research conducted by Aamodt (2015), the psychologists have been indicated to do extensive research that ultimately provides answers to concepts that were seemingly very intricate to find answers and responses on the side of other practitioners. I/O then solves the problems that were previously faced by an organization and even provides answers to matters that touch on the general well being of the employees in an organization (Aamodt, 2015).
Different forms of explanatory and inferential data are applied in I/O research. Rogelberg (2008) writes that the I/O psychologists apply the basic procedures, techniques and tools for conducting research. The I/O psychologists develop research hypothesis, questions and even apply both the inductive and deductive reasoning. Inferential and differential statistical methods are used to analyze data. sampling is also applied in I/O Psychology (Rogelberg, 2008).
Question 2
Industrial/Organization (I/O) Psychology has a major influence on organizations. First I/O has been credited for its ability to solve employee problems that touches on matters of their general productivity. As seen in the research conducted by Aamodt (2015), I/O has helped improve the efficiency of the workers in the workplace through an understanding of the issues that face them and even devising solutions to those problems.
Through the I/O field, a lot of improvements have been seen such as the improvement of the environment in which the employees work, in an attempt to make them comfortable and productive in their workplace (Aamodt, 2015). For instance, the field has helped improve the office setting in such a way that the employees feel contented and motivated to work in the respective offices. Aspects that touch on employee Psychology such as leadership matters, work schedules and employee motivation have also been well addressed by the I/O psychologists. thus, improving the work schedules and standards of the workers in different organizations (Aamodt, 2015. Rogelberg, 2008).
The result of such improvements has ultimately resulted to an improvement in the employee output, satisfaction and even productivity in the organizational setting. The policies set thanks to the I/O schedules can be generally said to improve the work environment and in turn improve the employee performance (Aamodt, 2015).
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