Indicate a person who has had a significant influence on you and describe that influence

January, A person who influenced me: I come from a family of highly educated people. Education, to me is a family norm. I always knew I was supposed to be good at studies so that I could keep my family’s name high. Besides, being a Korean, I always assumed the responsibility to maintain the scientific pride of my family. My father wanted me to be a doctor, and so I followed him. I thought I would become a Doctor, though the profession never actually attracted me. Any way, I wanted to contribute to the field of science and technology using my craze for science and huge aptitude and liking for it. To me, scientists are the people who really make a difference in the world. Their effort gives rise to products that the whole world makes use of and benefits from. Even if a scientist does not manage to develop a product in his life time, he leaves sufficient information for others so that they may follow him in the same footsteps and ultimately reach the goal that the deceased ever dreamt of.
Benjamin W. Lee who has been a great Korean-American physicist is a source of influence for me. Coincidently, he was related to me. He died away a couple of years ago. In the period that urgently preceded his death, he had been working upon renormalization theory. Unfortunately, he could not achieve the goal he wanted to as his life ended before he could do that. Being related to him and accoutered with good scientific comprehension skills, I felt it as my responsibility to take my uncle’s mission further and complete the rest of his work. So I took it as a task. Benjamin was both my friend and tutor in scientific discussions. If there is one way I can show my respect towards him, that is by accomplishing his mission.
If I am a physicist today, Benjamin W. Lee is the most dominant reason for that. He was a physical model and realization of my dream personality. I always wanted to be like him. Many of my cousins and brothers used to talk to him generally. I remember that my discussions with Benjamin were always science oriented. I knew how he started over with the renormalization theory, and what steps he had taken in its way thus far. Although I saw it as my duty to carry forward his work, I was not mature enough to do that by the time he died as I was studying. I had to build my academic career first. So I resolved to take higher education in America in Elementary Particle Physics. Since my childhood, I always found interest in Nuclear Physics. It was fundamentally because of Benjamin, that I decided to take Elementary Particle Physics as my major subject given it was Benjamin’s area of interest.
My parents encouraged me to go abroad for higher studies because they knew that I was following Benjamin and was determined to be a good physicist. My father appreciated that I had consented to study practical physics contrary to the theoretical mood, that most of us normally go for.