I would like you to consider what the role of the graphic design or illustrator means to you Taking the thoughts and opinions of the designers in the support materials how would you describe the role of the designer

Design is the task of compiling various media of human expression in a process of creating and developing a plan for a product, structure, system, or component Design is also the final produce, the final result that comes out of the above-mentioned process. Design will have aesthetic and functional aspects to it. Design addresses the needs of expression, aesthetic enjoyment, and information sharing. Graphic design has many definitions possible but in general I understand it as the activity of compiling different visual media like written words, numbers, drawings, paintings, photography, lines, shapes, colors, different visual signs and symbols, and sometimes imparting movement to it as well. Graphic design is defined by The Dictionary of Graphic Design and Designers(1996) as a generic term for the activity of combining typography, illustration, photography and printing for the purposes of persuasion, information and instruction. It is clear that the basic purpose of graphic design is communication. The purpose of communication through graphic design could be imparting information, persuasion, instruction, and giving aesthetic pleasure. Hence the role of the designer is to convert a concept into a design, make this design precise in communication, and give it an element of aesthetic quality. As many design options could be available for a given concept, the options being limited by the imagination and resources of the designer alone, the designer has to consider various design options and decide to choose one among them. This choice is made considering also the prevailing socio-cultural and aesthetic ethos. Then the designer has to materialize this design using the chosen assortment of visual media. Another important aspect of the work of a designer is that he/she should be able to avoid cluttering by caring not to include too much visual elements or information. A good and effective graphic design will mostly be simple, quiet, unobtrusive, keeping harmony among the different visual elements, intelligent, thought-provoking, aesthetically pleasing, and up to the purpose. Hence the role of the designer is by take into account all these, create a good graphic design, and keep a fine balance between them as well.