I want you to read (case 22 ) on page 370 from this book UBBEN G HUGHES L

C. (2011). THE PRINCIPAL: CREATIVE LEADERSHIP FOR EXCELLENCE IN SCHOOL. BOSTON: PEARSON after you read that chapters then answer my question on my attach

number Effective leadership (Case study) Leadership is the most important factor in any organization. Learning institutions are the most essential areas where proper leadership should be considered .A successful learning institution usually has proper leadership and management. Leaders are expected to be creative to enable the proper running of any organization. The school is the most important place, which should have proper leadership. Without proper leadership, the school is bound to fail. This essay explains the importance of creative and proper leadership in schools.
The main problem to be addressed in the school is the way leadership is being conducted. There is no proper leadership and many important things are left behind (Ubben etal 370) .Leadership functions in the administrative position. The leadership in the institution should center on a specific goal and should be driven by the needs of an organization. There are no goals that are to be achieved in the institution in study and this makes the leadership poor.
Those involved in the process of ensuring proper leadership prevails are the managers and the people being led in the institution. The manager should surrender power to the people to ensure that the target goals are achieved. There should be proper communication in the institution and this should be between the leaders, the people, and the people amongst themselves.
The potential positive consequences are that in the school when individuals are given power and let to discuss amongst themselves. the manager will be able to run the school successfully(nbsp.Ubben etal 375 ).The negative consequence is that when power is surrendered to the people they can misuse it and not listen to the leader. This will render the school meaningless and leadership will be useless.
The evaluation of the outcome is to ensure that there is proper leadership and the students or people being led abide by the rules of the campus. Leadership is important for the proper learning of any institution. Leadership is far much more compared to management. Good leadership equals success.
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