I have a dream arthin luther king

I have a dream – Marthin Luther King The reasons that Martin Luther King gives during his metaphoric speech comprise of the struggle that the AfricanAmericans have to go through in order to reach their goals. He thought them to be strong yet resilient all the way so that their goals seem attainable at all times. He taught them that physical violence never paves the way though it creates disharmony amongst the society’s inmates. Hence it is never appreciated across the board so it needs to be avoided. If physical violence is allowed, as per Martin Luther King, it would segregate and discriminate people against one another even further, which is not a positive sign for any society of the world (Author Unknown 2001). Martin Luther King delivered in his speech that African Americans should focus on oneness of people and do what they could in order to bring sanity within their lives as well as others.
Martin Luther King’s speech remains relevant even to this day, even fifty years after he delivered it. It is because his speech outlined the fundamental need that the African Americans faced and still are going through in this day and age. His speech remains relevant because the present day America has more racism prevalent within it than ever before and there is a greater need to understand the American Dream that he spoke about (Author Unknown 1963). Martin Luther King was right when he suggested that African Americans must plan for their own selves what kind of lives they want, and then go about having it with ease and inner satisfaction. His speech therefore serves as the catalyst of a better change for the people of America.
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