I can read reviews dealing with the content and criticism of cultural topics (films theatre books concerts) and summarise the main points

English Essay: Museums at Night: Bank s and Bullion of affiliation English Essay Personally, I love reading reviews dealing with content and criticism of cultural topics. For this paper, the event to attend to is that of “Museums at Night: Banknotes and Bullion” on Friday May 16, 20141. The uniqueness of visiting this museum is that it is intended to offer its visitors the history of the bank of England since its foundation in 1694 to now. For this particular event, the exciting opportunity is the golden chance to try and lift 13kg gold bar and learn about the bank notes in the museum that have been used in England. Finally, this visit will grant me an opportunity to review it and probably win a stay in a luxury hotel.
Like on other occasions, the entrance to this museum night event is free and with the company of my friends, the self-guided tour around it will be a thrilling experience. Further, some of the friends have intense knowledge on the history of this bank from school and they will serve well in my understanding of most of the exhibitions and the wide variety of souvenirs that exist within the museum. My visit is also motivated by my great urge to criticize and make notes on what I have observed. This will serve as a great source of relevant cultural information and knowledge about a unique element of England’s culture. From the visit, I also intend to confirm some myths like earliest paper money being made of receipt that the goldsmith was left with for safekeeping2. I also want to understand why the bank of England Museum has so much association with gold to the extent that the advertisement of this event includes people lifting a gold bar worth 13killograms.
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