I am having a hard time writing my paper to include all of this Can someone please helpThe product that I


I am having a hard time writing my paper to include all of this. Can someone please help

The product that I

selected for this course project is an application called SmartPark. SmartPark can be used to book a parking slot prior to arriving. This application aims at reducing parking related issues by reserving a parking space in advance at busy places like shopping malls and stadiums. The target audience for the product will be adults with a valid driving license who own or drive a motorable vehicle and require a parking space in heavy crowded places shopping mall, theaters, stadiums and any other heavily trafficked areas. This advance booking for the parking spot will ensure the vehicle owner to have a safe and secure parking space for their vehicle. This way you can avoid the crowds and busier times and also not have to arrive extremely early to ensure a parking space. This application will also be helpful to estimate the crowd and the number of vehicles in the location.

With a summary that explains the rationale for each component in the concept statement

Describe two ways that you will do market research to identify who your target audience is. Discuss the type of market research, how you will implement the research, and why you selected those types of research.

Persona that represents your target market based on your research.

SWOT analysis for your product to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.