How would you define quality in healthcare If you had to explain the importance of safety and quality reports to someone outside of healthcare how would you do this

Quality in Healthcare Quality in Healthcare Quality in healthcare refers to the ability of the system to be able to meet the desired needs and expectations of the patients and the heath service staff. It may include how the patient receives the service (functional quality), or the quality at which the services are being delivered (technical quality). Quality healthcare also has to do with fast access to the healthcare services. Quality healthcare ensures that effective treatment is delivered by the qualified professionals. The information being given to patients is always clear and detailed. The patient can be involved in the decision making, and there is respect to their preferences. As a result of quality healthcare, the staff can get a good working environment. Such an environment can include good administration and management, right and standard equipments, and good working schedules (Altman, 1996).
Safety and quality reports ensure that the information contained in them is accurate. It ensures that privacy is maintained at all cost. Security of the information ensures that no unauthorized persons can get access to it. It encourages transparency since the information will be recorded accordingly, and no alterations will be made (Ginzbery, 1991). There is also easy access to the information.
To be able to explain to the public about how safety and quality of reports is important, I would organize forums and workshops with healthcare experts, and allow them to teach people, and let them share information to their patients and the public. Use of media such as talk shows, writing articles, or use of charts with diagrams and explanations can also be helpful (Altman, 1996).
With this entire framework being put in place, the public will be able to appreciate the importance of quality services not only to the healthcare sector, but in other sectors, as well. It will lead to effectiveness, efficiency, good customer care, and professional staff in the nursing environment (Ginzbery, 1991).

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