How No Opt Out Maintains High Behavioral Expectations

How do 100%, No opt out and strong voice, reinforces and maintains high behavioral expectations? High behavioralexpectations is one of the key things that drives every teacher any time they step into a classroom and therefore it points out the actual sense of student performance and the output levels of a teacher most especially after evaluation has taken place. This aspect has forced many teachers to use the no opt out to reinforce behavior and performance. They tend to believe that if a student is unable to answer a question, then they should often do practice on that question and be able to answer it.

Most of the teachers’ use this approach especially in examples and when students are trying out on something, opt out does not give a student the opportunity to say they do not know the answer to the question but instead enables them to give the answer to the question even if it is wrong. It also helps to maintain the number of correct answers that students give in a classroom therefore maintaining the standards. To achieve the set target of 100% a teacher ought to follow the principles of which the facilitator opts to use the least invasive form of intervention, emphasize on the observed compliance and relying on the firm, calm refinement. In order to achieve these, most teachers tend to stress on the universal expectations that are strategically impersonal. (pg.87)

A commanding voice often reinforces and calls for change immediately especially in students. It helps teachers establish command, control and respect. Strong voice engages five principles which are. economy of language, not over talking, not engaging, standing still and quite power. This reinforces classroom attention and high chances of no opt out behavior which does not only maintain but also reinforces and enhances classroom behaviuor (pg 97).

How do No opt out and right is right hold students to high academic expectations?

Teachers tend to respond quickly to right answers given by the students and which shows acceptance in the answers provided by the learners. This helps a teacher to defend and set a high standard of the answers given in their classes. No opt out and right is right only work together if right answers are given at the right time, students tend to think and go beyond the teacher only to show how good they are which is risky. It is also important for a teacher to give simply the enough content and put students into extra cognitive work which leads to much thinking without getting the concept thus productive learning. (pg 53).

These helps to maintain the performance of the students because it helps check on the understanding levels through regular assessments during teaching and enables the teacher to weigh the level of understanding of the students. It also helps measure the level of correctness giving both the student and the teacher confidence of performance. (pg 47).

The two concepts help workout problems in class easily and effectively only if they are used in the right way. The teacher is able to maintain a class early enough and the students comply with the instructions given.