How does opeational line maintenance differ from manufacturing and does either degrade aircraft maintenance abilities if no change is made Or does stability lead to increase in quality

The problem is the huge maintenance of aircrafts in an airline. The huge maintenance of the aircraft imply to the groupings of the maintenance of aircrafts that are owned by an airline on the foundation of the structures of each type of aircraft, the necessary needs of maintenance, and the functional features of each aircraft type. Thus, the cause of this problem are the huge and necessary maintenance needs that are needed to attain a complete repair of the aircrafts. These needs include the maintenance that had been planned before, examination of nearly all constituent parts of the airplane along with changes in the structure of the airplane.
The significance of the problem is that in the current market environment coupled with the competition in the aviation industry, aviation industry players have to seek the best means through which to keep their airplanes up to date and effective in their operations. Doing so will ensure that they are able to cut on the huge costs that may be accrued overt time and find the best solutions to the aircraft problems that may face them in the course of their operations. Moreover, the problem sets alight the necessity to develop an action oriented program that identifies issues in the aircrafts. The program helps identify the best action that is needed to ensure that airlines get the most out of their fleet, be it through operational line maintenance or manufacture of new aircrafts.
It is essential to realize that during the operational line maintenance, the aircraft is taken out of operations. hence, it provides no revenue to the airline. During this period when an aircraft or aircrafts are taken in for operational line maintenance, the time taken to undertake the necessary maintenance actions is known as the downtime. Further, it is vital to note that operational line maintenance is a complex undertaking. It is complex because of the difficulty and size of the operation. On the other hand, manufacture of new