How did Jawaharlal Nehru and the top INC leaders modernize the political systems of India according to Subrata Mitra (2009 31 45)

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The Topic
How did Jawaharlal and the top INC leaders modernize the political systems of India according to Subrata Mitra (2009: 31, 45)?
The Instructions
First, download the book chapter Politics in India by Subrata Mitra (2009) from Canvas Modules and use it as your secondary research source.
Second, cite the sentences that contain Mitra’s first thesis about the model of the Indian state system (2009: 31) and his second thesis about the model of the Indian party system (2009: 45).
Third, list the key points of each of Mitra’s two claims.
And fourth, you are advised to use the WE3 Template (Modules) to organize your WE3 according to the BWRs (Basic Writing Rules).
The Introductory Sentence (IS):
By utilizing common concepts of comparative politics, Mitra emphasizes the policy process, with a concentration on anti-poverty measures, liberalization of the economy, its relationship with the United States and China, and the introduction of industrialization to India and how it responds as it enters into the mainstream of global economy.
The Topic Sentence (TS):
Going through Mitra’s (2009: 31) account on the political institutions and policy process in India, I cite the following sentences as containing Mitra’s thesis of the Indian state model and the model of the Indian party system: (1) At independence in 1947, India adopted the model of British Parliamentary Democracy (31), which describes the interdependent relationship between the executive, legislative and the military agencies – all working within the framework of a parliamentary system.
(2) While subtly expressed, it is quite clear that the model of Indian party system is described as factions – short-term alliances of individuals and groups that come together opportunistically to cash in their numerical strength in the ballot box (Mitra 45).
The Methodological Sentence (MS):
The top leaders examined carefully how they can effectively integrate the uneven class patterns with the changing economic spectrum of the country, with industrialization setting up at the tipping point of India’s economic, political and social make-up.
The Expositional Sentences (ES):
The Concluding Sentence (CS):
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