Historically major reports have have had an impact on change in the curriculum choose two reports that you have studied and critically analyse their impact on teaching and learningwith reference to early years and the primary curriculum

Institutions that offer education are influenced by changes that take place around it, political, social, societal or religious. Claiming that educational institutions are static is a mere understatement. As the years progress, learners require the skills to study and grasp skills that would enable them adapt to the changing and ever demanding technology. Since education is the major way in which individuals can acquire skills, it is a high time that stakeholders in the educational system embrace the culture of change so that the beneficiaries can fit in the contemporary society.
The birth of the Plowden Report traces its roots to the early 1960s when the then Minister of Education, Plowden Boyle made a decree that changes have to be put in the Primary Education sector. He ordered changes to be implemented in all aspects of the curriculum in order to allow a smooth transition of Primary schools to secondary schools. It is in respect to the orders given by the Minister that the Central Advisory Council for Education was requested to make changes to the curriculum. The then Chairman of the Council, Mr. Plowden Bridget, was left under the chairmanship of the Council and given the mandate to see to it that changes are implemented in the education sector.
It is during the Chairmanship of Mr. Plowden that the Council of Education presented its report, which came to be known as the Plowden Report to the Secretary of Education, Mr. Anthony Crosland. This marked the birth of the changes and many more that were to come in the educational sector specifically, the Primary level. Anning (2008) indicates that before the implementation of the Plowden Report, there was no other attempt to improve Primary Education in the United Kingdom. With the able membership of the Committee, the Plowden Report was bound to come up with a comprehensive report that would cater for the needs of all the primary school children.
The Plowden Report advocated for diverse changes to be