Historical Developments in Samsung YOUM flexible display

HISTORICAL DEVELOPMENTS IN SAMSUNG YOUM FLEXIBLE DISPLAY Historical Timeline March Samsung released its first of the S seriesSamsung galaxy S. This phone has special features not present in the previous Samsung models. This includes IGHZ ARM processor. It also had an internal memory of 8-16GB, a four inch SUPER AMOLED touch screen with Wi-Fi connectivity.
This model has a powerful VRpower that made it create 20 million triangles with a second. This speed was unrivaled by other models present at this time. This was the first time to be certified for DIxHD and was the thinnest phone at the time
February 2011
Samsung SII was launched during this time. Like the predecessor model Samsung galaxy S, it was touch screen enabled and adopted a slate format android shape. It however had better improved hardware. It was a slim model with the exception of two bulges at the edges. It also offered High Definition Link allowing up to 1080 uncompressed video output.
May 2012
Samsung galaxy III was launched during this date. It carries the slogan a phone that is smarter than you. This is because it has a unique feature not present in other android phones of having an intelligent voice assistant and eye tracking capabilities. It also has bigger storage space and wireless charging ability.
January 2013
Samsung displayed two prototypes of 4.5 inch AMOLED display which are yet to be launched. This phone is the most unique of the Smartphone’s that have been released up to date by having a flexible unbreakable screen. This phone model is paper thin and can thus be folded twice like a paper or even be rolled into a tube. It has flexible OLED colored screens. The OELEDs which are chemical components require minimal light to produce colored screen. However, it is feared that this OLED screens may fail to work because the need to be kept away for oxygen which may not be possible. This is however seen as precursor to development of S 4 models with more advanced capabilities.
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