Hello again I have written a paper about oil spills and there is a certain way to format this paper Below I

assigned groups worth 20 points. A presentation describing how to make Jell-E} pudding, however: 1arenld
be a tough sell. Choose a topic of your interest that includes Wildlife Reproduction. The presentation
grading will take into consideration: The Pmpose; Preparation; Planning and Performance. For example,
you can expeetto deliver 125 and 150 words per mimne. So, for a 1!] minute presentation your speech
should be 1,250 words, or about five typed, double-spaced pages, ifyou were to write it out entirely – I
just require at the time of the presentation a l-page summary. Because your speech is the equivalent of a
five—page papa, you can use the following outline: I. Introduction A. Background Information B. Thesis or Claim 11. First Main Point A. Detail or Evidence
E. Detail or Evidence lIL Second Main Point A. Detail or Evidence B. Detail or Evidence IV. Third Main Point A. Detail or Evidence B. Detail or Evidence V. Conclusion A. Stuntman,r B. Parting Thought.
Yournarrative needs to fit the outline, so limityourselftotopies, stories, thatlmvethrce mainpoints or
stages. Include a list of rethrenees at the end ofyour presentation Please hringa travel drive to class, and
have the presentation formatted and saved as a power point file.