Health in the UK

This essay Health in the UK — The solution for obesity for children outlines the reasons that lead to obesity among kids in the UK and the ways how to prevent it. An important reason for the rapid growth of children obesity in the UK is less involvement in physical activity/ exercise. For instance, the sedentary form of lifestyle hinders children from directly involving sports and games at their schools. Children do not show much interest in physical activities like walking and cycling. The influence of television, computer games, and the internet adds much more fuel to the current problem of obesity.

Another reason for children obesity in the UK is the negative influence of processed food items. The junk food which contains unwanted fat is not good for health. When children are attracted towards processed food items, there exists the high possibility for obesity. One can see that high intake of junk food items and low physical activities/exercises constitute obesity among children. Great Britain: Parliament: House of Commons: Committee of Public Accounts states that parents must show keen interest in controlling the high fat content diet and inactive lifestyle of their children. But from a different angle of view, one’s family lifestyle (say, modern way of life) allows less scope for home-made food and physical activities. This can negatively affect children because they are not aware of the health problems in future. Other reasons of children obesity are the lack of emotional attachment and low socio-economic grouping in the society.