Google has grown to attract large numbers of users who access the internet daily. The company has been selling text based ads that incorporates search keywords. This has been one of their largest income earners over the past decade. (Google Incorporation, 2014).
Larry and Brin obtained their first capital in form of a donation from Andy Bechtolsheim, A Partner at Sun Microsystems. Google has over the past years gained a large pool of capital. Selling its first shares in 2004 where 19,605,052 shares were sold at $85 per share. Google is now operating in different countries of the world and worked with many corporations such as NASA, AOL, and News Corp’s. Google has become part of the largest providers of social media platforms. In corporation with mobile companies, it created the Mobi. top level. This is an area for mobile internet that allows mobile users to access the internet through their phones for quick communication.
Most of the scholars have come up with lots of work done on business strategy but most of them have not withstood the test of time. Many people are well familiar with Mintzberg and Water’s strategy of 1985. Mintzberg is one of the best strategic thinkers. In collaboration with James Waters they both developed a model that showed how strategy is developed and how it is ultimately delivered. In their model, strategy delivery is made up of two sides. The deliberate strategy which includes what the organization desires to do and the emergent strategy which indicates what happened during the process (Mintzberg, 2010). The model looks like this.
Google incorporation has been one of the company’s in the world that is utilizing this model in connecting up with entrepreneurs and coming up with the latest inventories in the world of technology in order to meet their customers’ demands. Google being one the most important and the largest search engines in the world must ensure that combines with the