Good news letter

25th October The Sales Manager, Dallas Resort, P.O. Box 78690-00200, Seattle, US. Dear Sir/ Madam, RE: INQUARY FOR ACCOMODATION. The above d company has organized a retreat for the employees, it is scheduled to take place within the next three to six weeks from now. The retreat will proceed for three consecutive days starting Thursday afternoon to Saturday morning at 10am.
The total number expected to attend the retreat is one hundred (100), of which during this period a number of activities are expected to take place necessitating the inquiry of these facilities. a carnival with five carnival rides, ten carnival style games and two booths fro concession. We expect to have all these activities in a spacious room that will accommodate without constrain to the number given.
A strategy meeting consisting of subdivisions of twenty- five (25) will also take place and are intended to run concurrently, four plenary halls are thus necessary to observe the period of our stay in the resort. There will also be a karaoke contest for the employees on Friday preceding our departure.
With regard to the above activities and inquiries, our company would like to be informed of the feasibility of the request in order to make informed decision in the earliest opportunity available. Your response is expected to give a quotation showing the cost of each of the facilities that are inquired above for the period and time stated alongside confirmation that the Resort is available to us for use in the entire period stated
Your cooperation will be highly appreciated
Yours Faithfully
HR Manager
Earth Movers Inc. Company.