Forgiveness in the Workplace

Forgiveness in the Workplace by Phil Cousineau This book highlights workplace relations and interactions over time. At the same time, the book explores the extent to which organizational practices reflect the presence or absence of acts of forgiveness. According to the author, organizational interactions and/or practices result in conflicts, disputes, disagreements, or resentments from time to time. When these things take place, majority of the people often ignore, downplay, or overlook the importance of practicing forgiveness. This subsequently leads to the escalation of one problem or the other. In a bid to promote the practice of forgiveness, the book calls both workers and leaders/managers to understand the importance of forgiveness in the organizational setting. The book maintains that forgiveness reverses alienation and discontent among workers and leaders/managers, thereby enhancing relationships among different players in the workplace.
At a personal level, Phil Cousineau’s book is both informative and relevant. While forgiveness is a broadly used term, it is actually vital in the workplace. Many employees and employers might not understand the basics of practicing forgiveness in the workplace, but it is evident that forgiveness helps in avoiding escalated organizational issues. Employees and employers interact and relate on a daily basis, an aspect that makes it vital for them to avoid disagreements, disputes, or conflicts. When disagreements, disputes, or conflicts occur, however, it is important to address such issues from more person-tailored perspectives. This makes forgiveness a handy practice that an organization should not only value, but also promote across all departments.