First Wave Feminism in NineteenthCentury France

The factors that led to the delay
This section will provide detailed description about the Napoleon laws that promoted women subordination, the French political attitude towards women’s rights to vote, civil rights activists’ involvement, the role of the fight for power in the delay, and eventually, the change in French law that allowed women to vote and contend for official positions (Ringen, 2009. Reynolds, 2002). Women may have been subordinated in France before, but Napoleon’s Civil Code of 1804 reinforced this subordination. Even after their rights were expressed in previous years, this law meant that they would still not be allowed to vote. This went on until the 1890s when women’s rights activists became stronger in advocating for the women’s rights. This was when the stained political minds were heard (Boxer, 1982. Reynolds, 2002). This section will describe in detail how the above factors led to the delay.
A summary of what has been discussed in the essay, on what caused the delay.