Financial Wellness

I am very confident in my financial skills. I have learned about managing personal finances from the internet, books, and following the advice of other people. Managing your personal finances is very important because the money a person earns must enable the individual to pay for his personal expenses. The quality of life of an individual depends on the good use of personal finances. To achieve financial well being a person must work to earn an income. Another important aspect of managing finances is having a good investment plan. Money saved can be invested in a wide variety of financial instruments such as common stocks, preferred stock, corporate bonds, treasury bills, and derivative instruments among other options. People can use finances to plan for their retirement (Cnn).
An area of finances that I often have trouble with is budgeting. I always try to create a personal budget of my expenses every month, but it seems as if my personal budgets are always off. I always end up spending more money than what my budget stipulates. The use of software such as excel or quicken can help people manage their personal budgets better (Intuit). Financial goals are very important. The first step in personal financial planning is controlling your day-to-day financial affairs to enable you to do the things that brings you satisfaction and enjoyment (Fowles). These goals can be established for the immediate, short, medium and long term. SMART goals are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely (Topachievement). An immediate goal is to save at least $300 at the end of the month. A short term goal is to purchase a new smartphone within one to two months. A second short term goals is to save money to purchase winter clothes. An intermediate goal is to increase the value of my investment portfolio by 10% at the end of the year. Another goal is to save money for a down payment on a new home within five years. A long term goal is to save $250,000 by retirement age.
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