Field Diary

The visitation on October 23 was aimed at promoting the tenant participation in the housing program and the afterschool program with their children. The first accomplishment of the IHDC was to renovate two buildings with a capacity of 177 units. It is committed to building communities within its buildings and in the Tenderloin through community-driven programs. Through the support of the private foundation, IHDC has broader its scope and offers a wide range of services to the broader service population.
From the visit, it was noticed that IHDC has developed a strong history through the provision of a comprehensive services to youth and family. It was realized that the corporation has [been helping the residents to learn English, access food, and navigate through the educational, public health and criminal justice system. The Tenderloin Achievement Group aids in building the academic achievement levels within the community, employment skills, leadership, and academic achievement levels. It has analyzed the policies and the needed resources and put in place the required mechanisms in terms of community achievements (Hinkle, 2009).
In July 2008, research was carried out on the after school programs in the community to assess the issues, gaps and needs in the community that would help in the shaping the activities orientations towards public needs and concern. According to the records that were accessed during a visit with colleagues, it was revealed that the activities of IHDC are both promising and challenging. They are promising in the sense that they bring hope to the community by helping them in solving both social and economic problems that beset them.
It was noticeable that there has been a strong social relationship that has been created that enables the community to bond cohesively and participate in their activities. There is a