Evaluate the problems and improvement of performance management system implementation

In order to understand the concept of performance management system, it is critical to analyze its general regards in performance. There is a consideration of the process of performance management as a cycle in general performance planning, performance coaching, and performance appraisal and performance feedback. The overall purpose of performance management is to ensure that the organization is working together with its subsystems in an optimum fashion to achieve the firm’s goals.Given the low rating of the performance management system among employees, it is necessary to undertake a thorough analysis to realize the reason for the low ratings. Therefore, this research focuses on the performance management system in the organization internal context. In the main body, the study puts forward the problems arising in the designing and implementation of a performance management system. The paper does this by separately considering the problems that can arise in the design of a performance management system and then follows this with an explanation of problems that can arise in the implementation of the system. Further, the paper evaluates measures that can lead to improvement in the performance management system. The article aims at contributing to the development of the performance management system through exploring the problems of the performance management system in the practical application.Designing and the implementation of the performance management system are not an easy task and require a combined of effort by the Human Resource Managers. There are a number of potential challenges encountered in achieving a fit that is best for the organization and ensuring an effective and efficient implementation of Performance Management System. Some of the intricate problems that can occur in the design of performance management