Evaluate the impact of media such as video games film and TV on the behaviour of teenagers

This makes it important to study deeply the influence of media on behaviours of teenagers. There is a lot of research in this field where some studies conclude its negative effects and some conclude presenting the pluses.
Most of the studies suggest that the more the teens spent time in front of screen more likely it is that they get exposed to the information that is not useful. Spending more time viewing TV is also harmful to the health of teens as it is known to lead to sedentary lifestyles, unhealthy eat and sleep patterns, and obesity (Council on Communications and Media 2011). Besides the effects on health, over-exposure to media is also known to affect the behaviors of the teenagers. This essay explores the effect of media on the behavior of teens. Starting with discussion on the adverse effects of media on teens, the essay will outline the positive aspects, that is, the counter-argument and refutation to each counter-argument before presenting conclusions.
There are several studies that suggest negative effects of media on behaviors of teenagers. Anderson et al (2003) stated that it is now a proven fact that media violence results in transmitting aggressive and violent behavior in youth in both short as well as long term contexts. Researchers concluded that being exposed to media that is full of violent attitudes and behaviors is sure to lead adolescents adopt similar behaviors. This also leads to bullying weak students in school and trying to involve in activities that are considered ‘cool’ among a group. Teens usually adopt such behavior for social acceptance and media has a very important role of play in this classification of social acceptance and ‘cool dude’ attitude. In another study, Huesmann and Taylor (2006) suggested similar findings. they also found that media violence contributes to violent