Ethical And Cultural Dimensions In Suicidal Behavior Workbook Activity

The study that is quoted in this particular blog post supports this idea because many people who go into a workplace are unstable and have mental health challenges. Another issue is that some people who become first responders to suicide can suffer a problem called "compassion fatigue" which can cause them to have different ideas about what suicide is and does to people. According to the Mindframe National Media Initiative (2010), migrant suicides tend to mirror the suicide rates in the country of origin of the individual. In countries where the suicide rate is high, the immigrants coming to the host country are more at risk of suicide. In Australia, 25% of the suicides are in migrants with 60% being from non-English speaking countries. Those at higher risk of suicide are those who do not want to migrate to another country. Also, when they come to Australia and cannot assimilate easily into the new culture, they are at risk for suicide (Mindframe National Media Initiative, 2010). Often socio-cultural factors that can contribute to suicide ideation include stressful situations, not being able to take care of the family well, drug or alcohol use and low acculturation into the new community.

According to the Commonwealth of Australia (2010) the cost of suicides every year can be set in the billions of dollars but it cannot be easily seen because suicide is underreported. Part of the challenge seems to be that frontline staff often has no awareness of suicide and how it can be prevented. This study suggests that there should be more information given to people who are within social service organizations, hospitals and schools about suicide, suicide ideation and people how have previously attempted suicide. This information may help prevent future suicide attempts. The Commonwealth suggests that there are many socio-cultural factors that can put a person at risk of suicide. As an&nbsp.example, if an individual feels isolated, this could mean that they would take their life.&nbsp.