English reaserch paper

et of rules, norms or processes by which individuals live since childhood and tolerating or understanding those having differing views of it is a challenging task.
B. The advent of technology and the simultaneous evolution of globalization have blurred national and international boundaries thereby further stressing on the significance and need for encouraging cultural acceptance. As nations of the world, join hands for commercial exchange of goods and services, understanding cultural diversity has gained supreme significance.
C. On the basis of the above arguments it can be established that there exists widespread cultural diversity across the globe and in the wake of globalization and rapidly blurring geographical boundaries, there is an urgent need to eliminate and reduce the cultural differences. This can only be done through encouraging cultural acceptance as it has great potential in eliminating the racial conflicts that tends to tarnish human development and create obstacles in the fight against environmental degradation. For instance, the fight against terrorism – a popular political agenda of the U.S. government which seeks to defend the nation from prospective terrorist attacks, is a glaring example of both – apparent cultural differences which has given rise to such animosity between faiths, and the investment of huge resources and manpower in arms and ammunition rather than investing the same in more culturally relevant issues such as global warming.
D. Cultural acceptance may lead to better socio-economic relations among nations, protection of environment, development of a culturally diverse yet united world, establishment of world peace, greater racial tolerance, healthier trade relations, cultural globalization etc among others.
“In these troubled times with the world in search of its bearings and way ward minds using the terms “culture” and “civilization” in an attempt to turn human beings against one another, there is an urgent