Effects of Parental Bereave on Young Adults

The bereaved adult will also have poor communication and social skills, especially when dealing with his peers. Moreover, the young adult may lack motivation for academic and occupational success.
The loss of parental advice is not replaceable and there is a need for continuous guidance and counseling as well as encouragement from friends and the society in general. The loss of a parent, especially when this parent was a responsible breadwinner of the family may cascade into an increased burden especially on the elderly children. Such elderly bereaved young adults have a higher risk of diverse psychological problems such as depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. As a result, the elderly bereaved young adults may fail to handle such situations resulting in drug abuse and unhealthy behaviors.
According to numerous researches on developmental psychology, the effects of family adversities and risks on the elderly bereaved young adults has grown beyond psychological problems perspective to include other consequences from broader indicators of adaptive strategies. They include the consequences of adversity for the achievement of developmental tasks in the education and career sectors, as well as policies in the improvement of interpersonal relationship.
In my case, the loss of my father in an accident three months ago has affected my entire family. My mother and my sister cannot talk to anyone. This is because no one ever thought that our bread provider could suddenly leave us. Additionally, the bereavement has left me with a huge responsibility of taking care of my family. As a result of the complication, I ended up feeling very stressed all the time. I also felt that society has not only neglected me, but also that careless driver should be awarded the death penalty. As a result of the trauma, I decided to interview both my sister and my mother in order to understand more about how to handle the bereavement and unite my family.