Effective Movements Hidden Results

The former movement, Garveyism, was championed by one man, and the latter movement, The Great Migration, sprung up out of the wellspring of despair that Blacks trapped in the south underwent. These two movements are of special interest because certainly, Garveyism has always come under fire as an unsuccessful cause with a leader that was tainted by true as well as untrue accusations and the victory of the Great Migration is also considered specious and unresolved by many. In reality, these two movements had a profound and lasting effect on Black Americans both as individuals and as an entire culture.

The effect of any social movement is ultimately two parts. the result and lasting impact it has on the culture as a whole and the identity changing effect it has on the individual. These components arise mutually from the overall ambition of the movement and are interdependent on one another. They compromise the real achievements of any social movement. Success can often be a relative point. Something that seems a failure may ultimately prove to be a success over time, and often to the surprise of the progenitors. For instance, if we look at Marcus Garvey and his dream, surely one could say that his movement was not successful in that it did not produce a separate Black Nation in Liberia, as was its original intention. Furthermore, the impetus of the Great Migration was to find better living conditions, freedom, and equality, and that is still being sought for many today. However, both these movements’ effects on the minds and hearts of Black Americans can still be felt in the present and they have become an important part of both the culture and the deeper psychology of Black Americans.

This effect begins as a mindset that defines who an individual is internally and how they behave externally. In a social movement, this effect is in how the group reacts to each other and to those outside itself.&nbsp.