Drug Addiction Disorder &amp

Therapy as Part of Recovery



Doweiko has also discussed the problem of drug addiction and its therapeutic treatment in his famous book Concepts of Chemical Dependency. He has analyzed the problem among the adolescents and suggested the individual and group therapy for the cure from drug addiction disorder. He declares modern civilization and technological advancement as responsible for drug addiction among children. Detachment and distances between the family members, Doweiko estimates, force the young ones to seek the artificial and temporary support from chemicals and drugs. Furthermore, child abuse is one of the most significant causes of chemical codependency among adolescents. Moreover, decline, in the sound family ties and relationships, has also paved the way in this direction. As a family is the basic unit of a society and plays a primary role in nourishment and socialization of young generation, it is also responsible for the emotional uplift of the children. The decline in the family bondage and ignorance of religious practices, ethical values, and moral obligations, result in the deterioration of the youth of society. Doweiko has discussed the case of young Brittney, who got recovery from therapy. Brittney, a young girl of fourteen years only, had been very bright and graceful student at the school. It was surprising for the whole family when she was recommended by her teacher, to a rehabilitation program after being found the drug- user. She was referred to the Alateen, the rehabilitation institute that deals with the cure of adolescents consuming alcohol and other intoxication.nbsp.