Discussion 2 Week 8 Tips for Effective Proposal Writing

Tips for Effective Proposal Writing al Affiliation Tips for Effective Proposal Writing Discuss the degree to which the proposals you found in the e-Activity followed the tips for effective proposal writing found in Chapter 13 of Osborne. Cite where you obtained the proposals. Then, discuss the main area where deviation was present and speculate as to why.
The proposals that were found in the internet followed the tips for effective proposal writings as indicated by Osborne (2011) to include: writing in the present tense. observing the use of active voice. adhereing to proper sentence length. use of concise wording. using concrete words while avoiding vague words. and being direct to the point. The sample proposals where obtained in the following links: http://www.coloradogrants.org/assets/pdf/centerville-community-center.pdf. and http://www.netplaces.com/grant-writing/sample-federal-grant-proposal/. There are areas where deviation were present in terms of tendencies to use long sentence structures and not using tabular structures to highlight information in a more concise and easily understood manner.
2. Using the criteria presented in Chapter 13 of the textbook for writing effective proposals, rewrite at least one section of a proposal that you identified through the e-Activity and explain why you made those changes.
To re-write one portion of the proposal submitted to the Community Technology Center (CTC) grant project, the following portion were noted to be ineffective: The Districts middle school population meets the criteria for at-risk: 71 percent come from low-income backgrounds. 68 percent are minority. 22 percent receive special-education services. 15 percent are bilingual (Sample Federal Grant Proposal, n.d., p. 1). It could be re-written this way:
The Districts middle school population meets the criteria for at-risk, as shown in Table 1 below:
At Risk Population
Low-income backgrounds
Special education services
These changes were made to make the information easier to grasp and to highlight the main thrust of message that the contractor intended to relay in a more effective manner.
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