Disadvantages of Home Education

Disadvantages of Home EducationBesides numerous advantages for children as well as their parents, home education has also several disadvantages which must be also considered before making the final decision which type of education is the most appropriate for your child.

One of the greatest disadvantages is probably the time that is required to educate your child on your own. You must be aware that teaching of your child on your own at home is a full time commitment and that one of the parents must stay at home to teach the child. Thus children whose parents who can not afford one of them quitting a job or do not have possibility to work at home do not have an option to be home educated.

Eventual socialization difficulties of the child is probably one of the greatest concerns which often discourages parents to choose home education instead of conventional education. A child that is being educated in safe, warm and friendly home environment is protected from eventual negative external influences but is certain sense also isolated from the reality. Thus a home educated child who is not properly informed over the functioning of the society could have serious problems with socialization in later period of life although statistics indicate otherwise.

Home education also requires much patience and ability of the parents to properly teach and help their child to learn, while many parents who have chosen to educate their children at home often also have to deal with criticism of wider society and are being considered weird.