Dippin Dots Managing Strategy

The people prefer to have low-fat products that have the taste and the texture of the full fat ice cream. The primary target audience for any player in the ice cream industry is children and youths of a county. The scenario is similar in the US.
Technological development has a significant bearing on any product. The technology used for the manufacturing of the ice cream was cryogenic that was used in the process of freezing which is quite unique within the ice cream industry.
Low temperature is required to store the product in order to uphold the consistency and integrity of the product. The climatic condition of a country can have a bearing on the sale of the ice cream. In the US winter there is severe cold throughout the country, thus this can have a bearing on the ice cream sale.
The United States Department of Agriculture along with the Kentucky Milk Advisory Panel has been entrusted to inspect the Dippin’ Dots plant in Paducah, Kentucky in order to ensure that the company is maintaining a high-quality standard.
The threat of entry has been very high for the companies that operate in this market. Many new competitors have entered the market producing a similar kind of products. Due to less involvement of government, the threat of entry has been high.
There have been several competitors of the Dippin’ Dots in the out-of-home ice cream market. The chief competitors are Ben amp. Jerry’s, Haagen-Dazs, Carvel, Baskin-Robbins and Dairy Queen. and the new entrants like Cold Stone Creamery, Magie Moo’s and Marble Slab Creamery (Prata, 2006).
The overall suppliers in the ice cream industry encompass limited power if there are large numbers of competitors. Bargaining power of suppliers in the case of the industry in which Dippin’ Dots operate is low, as there is a large number of suppliers who can provide almost similar kind of products to thenbsp.buyers.