Developing of the Central African Republic

CAR is known to be one of the poorest nations in the African continent, apart from its frequent dependence on international donations in terms of food, clothing and medicinal supplies, CAR has also been a war zone for decades. The essay will relay more information on the various plights that children born in the Central African Republic go through while growing up.
Apart from most of the children being orphaned at a tender age due to maternal related problems or diseases such as HIV/AIDS, which is rampant in the nation, most of these children are victims of child trafficking, which is big business in the CAR (Lindborg). Lots of children from as little as 4 years normally go missing without a trace and the fact that the government of CAR is nearly stagnant, little effort is normally done to curb this menace. According to studies conducted by numerous researchers, members of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) normally kidnap most of the children that vanish without a trace. The kidnapped children are taken to forests where they receive military training in order to become soldiers, once fully qualified the children are handed over to various rebel groups in neighboring nations such as Uganda, South Sudan and DRC (ID). This is normally quite unfortunate since whereas children in developed nations such as the US are busy in school pursuing their desired dreams, in CAR, children of the same age group are abducted, taken to forests where they are forcefully trained to become young soldiers that are eventually killed in battles due to their inexperience in warfare tactics. Although some of the abducted children are normally traced and returned to the community, such children rarely return to the normal lives they used to live before the abduction, this is because, after the abduction, these kids are normally brainwashed through some rituals that are performed on them (ID).