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It is also important to assess the form of data that is collected and how it is later analyzed and discussed at the end of the project. This paper looks at the most important concepts that should be included in a research project looking at how the introduction of new computer systems has changed communication within hospitals.Communication is one of the most important aspects in a person’s life as it ensures it bridges the gap that exists between two people. Communication involves the transfer and understanding of messages between the sender and receiver of a message thereby ensuring that the proper cause of action can be taken. It is also defined as imparting or the interchanging of thoughts, opinions, and information by speech, writing or signs between two people (Patten and Bruce, 2009, pg131). The paper looks at the impact of communication between nurses and patients after the introduction of the new system of care in health settings. It examines how the introduction of the new EPR computer system has influenced the nurses in their communication with the patients at the hospital.The aim of the research is to investigate the effect and impact on communication between nurses and patients after the introduction of a new system of care in health settings. The Electronic Patient Record (EPR) is a computer system that has been implemented for a new clinical information system. The system is used to record information on the different patients keying in important clinical and administrative data that can later be accessed in future. It has been cited as being beneficial to the nurses and doctors in recording information and accessing the important data when required. It has also been credited with a high level of accuracy of data and stores information on the diagnosis and the medication that has been taken by patients in the hospital.