Customer Care &amp




This essay describes different care policies, that provide guidelines against which any hotel employee may measure his or her performance in caring for customers. It insures continuity of quality between visits by the same customers and also across various other hotels owned by the same company and over time. The researcher states that word of mouth is the best advertisement any hotel can hope for, and it costs nothing. By having a set of policies to follow, the company helps employees to remember everything which will make customers feel welcome and valued. Without established policies for customer care, there is room for variance in the quality of that care. Different people, even with training, may not habitually treat the customer with the same quality of care. The researcher then describes different communication types and how these are identified and use to best effect and describes the different types of customers who are likely to pass through a hospitality outlet and their differing and specific requirements. The researcher of the essay summarizes the sequence and various stages of the customer cycle and the procedures which occur at each stage. This essay also explains the various financial procedures which occur at various stages of the customer cycle, that begins with first contact with the customer when inquiries are made. In the end, the researcher explains the legal requirements, which may possibly affect the interaction of the guest with staff and uses some examples to present them.