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Rethinking Teaching and Learning in this Historic Moment al Affiliation Rethinking Teaching and Learning in this Historic Moment It is of crucial significance to note that in this historic moment, there is need to rethink teaching as well as learning. This can take place in a number of ways. However, the rethinking of teaching as well as learning is highly dependent on the teacher’s take n a number of issues. In order to rethink teaching and learning, there is need to frame the aims, objectives and purposes of both teaching and learning in such a way that it incorporates the multiple literacies as well as a myriad of modes of understanding that is vested in each learner (Green, 1997). In this regard, if a teacher expects to produce competent students with high abilities of learning how to learn, the teacher needs not to lose focus on the situatedness, vantage point as well as the development and construction of meanings with regards to the contents taught (Green, 1997). This is very important in ensuring that the students are kept abreast with everything necessary for productive academic performance.
It is significant to note that communication is important in every sector of development in the modern world. In this regard, the modern teaching and learning should embrace the issue of communication at all costs (Green, 1997). This should be nothing less than a productive form of communication. The communications should ensure that the thoughts and aspirations must be communicated amicably between the learners as well as the teachers in order to dispel any form of misunderstanding that may arise due to communication failure. This is important in creating an enabling environment where each party feels valued thereby becomes more interested as well as active in all forms of undertakings.
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