Critical Evaluation of Current Integrated Marketing Communications Practice

nufacturing units almost in every countries of the world and there is a positive response from the customers about the vehicles of ford in those countries. The company has been able to establish successfully in the automobile markets of USA and UK because of the good response of their vehicles in those markets. The company manufactures vehicles that can be afforded by both middle class people as well as the higher sections of the society. At present Ford motors is the second largest manufacturer of vehicles in the United States (Energy UK, 2014). The company adopts the strategy of mass production in order to attain a greater portion of the market share in the automobile sector. Conversely, the effective strategies that are being implemented by Ford motors are the key to success for the company. Among the strategies, the integrated marketing communication strategy is incorporated by the company, which serves as the most beneficial to communicate with the target customers and thereby compete among other large automobile manufacturers of the world.
Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) serves as most effective for Ford motor company as it is an integrated approach taking into consideration various aspects of the marketing communication including sales promotion, advertisement, maintaining public relations and direct marketing. The Unique Selling Proposition (USP) for the company is that it integrates all the above stated approaches without considering them as being isolated from each other (Percy, 2008). However, the IMC practices have become one of the major tools for the company that has further helped in strengthening the overall strategy for the company and thereby supported in establishing a significant position in UK and US markets.
The integrated marketing practices are being implemented by majority of the large automobile manufacturers because of the positive response attained from the implementation of the strategy. Large number of renowned and