Section A The function is being organised for young managers who are in lower or lower middle level in any mid / large size organization in the city. The guest list also includes middle or senior level HR and marketing managers who are working for similar profile of organizations.
The rationale behind choosing two sets of guests is that, one set of guests will be the user of the product that we plan to offer right now i.e. an executive MBA course, while the other will act as opinion leaders and referees for this product, but as customers for our corporate learning products that we plan to offer in future.
Demographic – Males and females, married and single, belonging to age group of 20- 35 years, working in various functions like sales amp. marketing, finance and accounting, HR, operations, IT etc, with work experience ranging from 3-12 years.
Psychographic – People who are ambitious, excited about growth, Love learning new things and sharing them with others, , Interested in further education, who believe in pushing hard to succeed, Love reading career blogs.
The process starts with customer’s exposure to the product or its idea through either marketer’s cues like various P’s of marketing or socio-cultural environment. The idea is, before someone thinks he needs a car, the person either must have seen a car or heard, read about it. This learning may take place by seeing some thing in a shop or a friend’s place, or watching or hearing its advertisement, being told by some one to try such and such product.
Every thing in the event is aimed at that purpose only i.e. influencing consumer decision making positively. Some of them will be working directly in the sense their contribution can be seen or evaluated with the help of this model, while others may help at a subliminal level. For example Taxi – Hiring an upmarket car will give higher image to our organization,
We will hire the best Band available in the