Conservative Nostalgia in the United States of America


On the other hand, conservatives hugely assume and believe that every individual should be responsible. there should be free markets, limited or minimum government intervention, a rigid and firm national defence personal liberty and those ancient American values (Lipsman 129). They more emphasize that the function of the government is to grant the individuals or citizens the freedom to fulfil their own goals and ambitions. The major points that are going to be discussed in this essay are the arguments that conservatives usually want and discuss whether if there reasons are valid and try to compare them with government policies and the liberals’ arguments. Most authors have come up with different ideas and opinion to justify the differences between the conservatives and the liberals and this essay is focused to bring out the arguments between the two sides, firstly, according to Lipsam, conservatives are usually focused on preventing the negative results and are better organized whereas liberals concentrate on being creative and they are open minded and usually concentrate on positive outcomes (Lipsman 37). Generally, Anderson believes that conservatives have very strong motivation compared to liberals who focuses on preservation of purity and cleanliness this is evidenced where by conservatives are quicker, efficient hence letting up their ideologies, whereas liberals are effortful and deliberate hence there difference in ideologies too(Anderson 10). In this essay we are going to discuss some of the factors.