Conceptual writing

Conceptual Writing Paragraphs on Conceptual Writing by Kenneth Goldsmith The delves into the main concept or idea involved in conceptual writing. In this regard, he states that it is an intuitive type of writing that is purposeless and concerned with engagement of all mental functions. Furthermore, it entails a prior planning and decision making process before writing.
What Me Was Conceptual? (1982) by Charles Bernstein
The article is a conceptual piece of writing that delves into the justification increased cardiac output among young people that are habitual smokers. In this regard, the article examines the systemic blood pressure and heart rate among eight test subjects.
Conceptual Literature in the Wild by Christian Bok
The article describes the precints of conceptual literature from a poetic point of view. In this regard, the author states that it is writing that alludes towards a parapoetic occurrence at the heart of meaning itself and exhibiting the extent to which language discovers its individual artistic latent.
Conceptual Writing: A worldview by Kenneth Goldsmith
Goldsmith explores the worldview that has taken root in relation to conceptual writing. In this regard, he narrates the international following accredited to conceptual writing by various poets in areas such as the United States, Canada, UK, Scandinavia, and South America. The author seeks to narrate the application, practitioners, and proliferation of conceptual writing in various parts of the world.
Generals and Globetrotters by Joshua Clover
The author seeks to explore the relationship between conceptual writing and flarf poetry. In this regard, he highlights the shared characteristics and also the eminent differences. These include things such as the dependence on found text, and the impoetic language.
Conceptual Writing (verb, repeat) and Silence by Mark Nowak
The author credits his understanding of conceptual writing to Kenneth Goldsmith. In this regard, he reiterates that is understanding is driven by the repetitive application of the sentence ‘conceptual writing (verb).
A review of I’ll Drown My book: Conceptual Writing by Women. By Cecilia Corrigan
In the review of the writing, the author states that it does not provide the reader to answers pertaining to Conceptual writing. On the contrary, it offers an interesting avenue for discussion in its opposition to Conceptualism objectives as having no meaning.
Poetry Is Dead, I Killed It: an Essay by Vanessa Place
According to the author, the justification of any decline of Conceptualism is a direct result of the ‘death’ or demise of poetry. Furthermore, she asserts that conceptual writing is annoying due to its present inert writing style that is in contrast to the former utilitarian style. Consequently, it represents a deformed and aesthetic object. This attributes have been largely borrowed from poetry.
A review of Vanessa Place’s ‘Statement of Facts’ by Steven Zultanski
The author conducts a review of the article from a contextual point of view, relativist’s position, and the moralist’s position, the realist’s position and the anti-context. In this regard, he states that that it will be viewed positively by realists due to it semblance of reportage. On the other hand, relativists appreciate it due to its inquisition of facts.