Composition 2

Similarities and Differences of Writing Styles Full Writing is important because it preserves ideas which may be verbally transmitted and are not readily available to a large number of audiences. As people have different manners of expressing themselves verbally, artistically or in any fashion, they also have various means of conveying their ideas through writing. This is evident in many writings. However, this paper will look into four short articles in order to present the different approaches of the authors in communicating their thoughts. comparing and contrasting the authors’ styles of writing. Nevertheless, this does not mean that the styles presented on this paper are the only ones which should be used. Rather, they are only examples which can be used to see how different authors approach their writing.
The Joy of Reading shares about the reasons why the author loves to read. There are a number of benefits of reading that is enumerated which make up the bulk of the article. The International Bridge on the other hand speaks about what the internet provides for the user. It presents a personal inventory of the advantages of the internet. Preventing a Worldwide Disaster is about air pollution. It is a persuasive essay that aims to encourage readers to do something about a worldwide problem which is caused by numerous human activities. Some examples of such actions or operations are enumerated in order to clarify the points the author is trying to make. Lastly, Napoleon’s Fall from Power talks about the reasons why Napoleon Bonaparte failed in his latter conquests and in his ultimate goal of reigning as king over France and her colonies.
Although the four aforementioned articles have different subject matters, they have a number of similarities. One very evident semblance is the length of the writings. They are all short, composed of only a few paragraphs. As a result, they were all written as concise as they can be. They are direct to the point and make good use of every word and sentence to express the thoughts as clearly as possible. In order to expound on the ideas presented by the four articles, they all used enumeration. For instance, the first story used words such as one reason, another reason and the main reason while the other three used chronological ordering by using the terms first, second or next and the most important, another or finally. In addition, they also used examples to further explain their topics. All of the four articles also used the pyramid style of writing, discussing first the least important and ending with the most important issues.
The aforementioned articles also have their unique characteristics aside from their similarities. For example, The Joy of Reading and The International Bridge are very subjective, basing ideas from the author’s personal biases only. The first reading impacts its audience with a one-sentence last paragraph about her reaction towards reading while the other simply restates the thesis on its closing sentence. On the contrary, Preventing a Worldwide Disaster and Napoleon Falls from Power are objective in nature, presenting facts and not basing the discussions from personal perspectives. As a persuasive writing, Preventing a Worldwide Disaster calls the readers to take action on its closing sentence, giving a strong impression on the audience’s mind. The last writing on the other hand ends with a matter-of-factly comment about the death of the subject matter.