Common Difficulties Encountered in Academic Writing

For me, writing can be really difficult at times because the act itself is solitary. It comes from within us. We concentrate on planning and thinking on how to transform our complex thoughts into an organized written text. For instance, when I write argumentative essays, there are abstract concepts that I need to explain using my own words and this makes writing difficult for me. Sometimes, I would find myself staring at a blank paper for hours because I do not know how to start the topic I am working.
I would have difficulty in coming up with solid arguments for my essay topic. Even though I have read a lot about the theme of the essay, I still have trouble translating what I have read into writing. Worse, when I get to start writing, I would it difficult to end the topic. It is as if I am going nowhere when I start my writing task. Moreover, in the middle of the work, I would get distracted because sometimes I would be confused in grammatical rules especially when I construct complex sentences. Also, the rules in punctuation and spelling would confuse me a lot, especially when I would try to write longer sentences. Indeed, I am very conscious of all the technicalities in grammar, punctuation, and vocabulary when I start to write.
However, amidst all these difficulties I encountered in writing, I have remained patient in re-writing and editing my drafts to come up with a presentable essay. I have learned that there are methods that would make writing easier for beginning writer and that is to have a plan. In this class, I have learned the process of pre-writing, writing, revising, and editing in order to get my essays done. Prewriting would mean that I have to jot down all the ideas I have, regardless of my ideas are correct or not. Writing an outline would then help me in organizing my thoughts and ideas.