Cochlear Implants

Hearing loss is the inability to hear and can be caused by genetic factors or illnesses. This condition makes the lives of the people with it a living hell. They are usually discriminated by the society, making it difficult to have their issues and concerns addressed. This has been the case scenario for many years, and the deaf have a reason to smile. Technological advancement has brought a possible solution to their woes. Cochlear imp0lant promises to make the deaf listen to others and respond to them accordingly. This solution will make it possible for the deaf to integrate into the mainstream society. In fact, some experts are confident that the future of clinical remediation for hearing loss is the cochlear implants.
In fact, some experts believe that cochlear implants hold the future for the hearing loss problem because of advancement in technology and research. There are many researchers in the world who are researching on the different aspects of hearing loss. The hearing loss foundation website has listed more than twenty scientists and researchers working on different hearing loss projects (Hearing Loss Foundation, 1). Their findings will provide a better approach to not only managing hearing loss but also curing and treating the problem. Some believe that research on cochlear will provide information on how to cure hearing loss problems that are not cochlear dependent, for instance, genetic hearing loss (Wilson and Dorman, 15).