Clyfford still

Clyfford Still and the Dreaming Couple as a Representation of the Poor in the United s I. Possible Perspective of the Artist Of it is always difficult to imagine ideas of another person. However, when looking at the painting PH – 79 by Clyfford Still, it is possible to assume that the artist tried to reveal despair of poverty.
The artist must have been thinking of millions of Americans who were living below the poverty line. The couple is starving as they are bony and their skin is brown because they have to work all day long under the burning sky. The artist shows the hardships and even suffering of poor people who do not have enough clothes to wear or good houses to hide from the heat.
The artist’s feelings are also on the surface as it is clear that Still sympathized with those people and he is also very sad that some people had to live in such conditions. It is also possible to assume that the artist feels that the American society cannot be called a just one, as there are so many poor people who do not enjoy equal rights and do not have equal opportunities with the rest of Americans.
II. My Feelings and Ideas
As far as I am concerned, the painting made quite a strong impression on me. The first thing that caught my eye was the hands (as well as feet) of the man and the woman. It is clear that very poor people are depicted. The hands can be regarded as a symbol of hard work and large feet can symbolize distances that these people have to cover. I felt sorrow for the couple who had to work very hard day after day.
My sad feelings were enhanced by the posture of the couple. The man and the woman are absolutely devastated. I almost felt their weariness. I assume that these two people are not only tired of the work, they are also tired of their lives. The man and the woman are dreaming and I feel they do not have any dreams as they have no enough powers to create any images in their heads, since they are too tired.
Finally, one element attracted my special attention. The horseshoe, which is the symbol of good luck, can be regarded as a symbol of hope in the painting. The couple could hope that they might someday overcome their difficulties and live a happy and prosperous life.
However, I do not feel that there is any hope for the two people. Unfortunately, when I am looking at the painting, I can only see despair and endless suffering of the couple as well as millions of other people all over the world.