Chrysler Corporation

It serves the market niche- i.e. high-end users that want luxurious cars. It ensures to produce superior products that are highly valued and technically advanced cars.
It promises to produce the most fuel efficient, reliable, stylish and safe vehicles for consumers all over the world. Chrysler believes in innovation and creativity, and therefore comes up with new, innovative and technologically advanced vehicles.
Chrysler is one of those companies who value their customers a great deal. The second great strength of the company is that it has started to focus greatly on customer care. It is the first auto company to have a Chief Customer Officer. This has generated significant improvement in its customer services and the company has achieved competitive advantage.
Their biggest weakness is their poor relationship with their suppliers and dealers. For an organization like this, they strongly have to rely on their suppliers amp. dealers. They need to work on and build the good relationship with them to ensure a good supply chain.
Chrysler’s overall market share is small and declining. According to the Wall Street Journal, 2010 the market share had dropped by 11% from a previous year in 2009 and is now 9.2%. In 2010 the market share was increased to 9.5% which was again not a very significant improvement.
Consumers are more interested in fuel efficient, environmentally friendly and innovative automobiles. The demand for greener vehicles is increasing and consumers are becoming more conscious about the environment they live in. It is expected that the market for green cars is going to be 55% by the year 2015.
Although Chrysler’s strong points are minivans and SUVs, a partnership with Fiat has created opportunities for the company to penetrate in South American and Asian markets by producing smaller cars.