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How to Make Cheese Cake Cup Cakes (Usability Test) Unit This paper presents a usability test for making Cheese Cake Cup Cakes. It involves the user to carry out cup cakes preparation using instruction kit. The user is supposed to speak loud about any problem for the improvement of the kit
How to Make Cheese Cake Cup Cakes (Usability Test)
Cheese cup cakes are one of the most leading world fast food diet utilities. For these reason it will be helpful to have a quick and easy instruction kit to make one, two or more of these cheese cup cakes.
For this session we are going to have a quick guide of on how to make cheese cup cake using the provided instruction kit.
Instruction kit for making a cheese cup cake
Preparing the crump
1. Empty the wafers into a gallon sized storage bag and use a rolling pin or empty old can to crush the food. Pump little air into the bag to ease the crushing process.
2. Microwave the butter margarine until it is fully melted. Caution, microwave time may vary according to your microwave. Recommended time is 30 seconds.
3. Combine the crushed wafers and the melted margarine into a large bowl and mix until the crushed wafers are moist. Use a half or a third cup of melted butter to get the wafers moistened.
Preparing the Filling mixture
1. Microwave creamed cheese to soften it.
2. To make filler, combine eggs, sugar, vanilla and salted creamed cheese. Take two eggs, tea spoon full of vanilla and 3 to 4 measuring cups of sugar. If the measuring cup is not available you can use a clean plastic cup (same measurement).
3. Mix together until there are few or no large clamps of clean cheese left. You can use an electric mixture to make this step easy but if you don’t use a stirring spoon or any other stirring tool.
Preparing the cup cake papers
1. Place each of the cup cake papers on each of the quarters of the muffins.
2. Press a small layer of the moist crump on the bottom of the cup cake papers as well as onto the sides of the papers to make a crust. Use the extra crump to make a cross sticker on the cakes.
3. Spoon (two spoons full) the filling mixture in each crust until filling is even with the top of the cup cake crust. Note if you have an extra filling, provide the filling between the cup cakes even if it end up extending above the crust of the cup cakes.
Set the oven to 3500. Once it heats, put the cup cakes into the oven and bake it for 15 to 20 minutes until it hardens up a little bit.
Preparing the cup cakes to be served
1. Cool the cup cakes for 20 minutes until it hardens up.
2. Top each cup cake with a fruit topping or leave it plain if you want. You can use blue berry or straw berry.
To conclude, with the presence of the user, I have found that some steps are not preferable. So I have deleted some of those step and replaced more specific and easy steps in the instruction kit.