Chapter 7 in Half the Human Experience by Janeth Hyde

Other (s) Chapter 7 in Half the Human Experience by Janeth Hyde The book Half the HumanExperience by Janeth Hyde generally presents a critical analysis of a wide range of multidisciplinary issues regarding feminist psychology. Chapter 7 of the book which is titled From Infancy to Old Age: Development Across the Lifespan, primarily focuses on the information related to normal female development. Throughout the chapter, Hyde successfully presents a critical but interesting argument on a number of related topics such as psycho-physiological developmental processes and intimate relationships. Additionally the author effectively examines a balance of the biological and cultural similarities and differences that currently exist between genders arguing that some of these aspects may significantly affect the issue of equality and gender relationships.
Throughout chapter 7, Hyde not only presents a well researched scientific viewpoint on the relationship between age and female development but the authors arguments also seeks to demystify the study and scientific process of feminist psychology(Hyde,154). For example, the author argues that students studying feminist psychology should be provided with a good foundation on the influences of gender on psychology. By bringing into context the various stages of female development from childhood to adulthood, Hyde successfully attempts to highlight some of the issues as well as challenges that commonly occur during the female development. Lastly, chapter 7 has also uniquely examined the psychological and occupational processes that are usually inherent in the female development as well as the emotional, cognitive, psychosicial, behavioral and occupational changes that come with age.

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